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06-23-2002, 12:33 AM
What do you all think about the amount of free porn on the web? Lately I been thinking we have way to much free shit, tgps, movie hosts, free hosts, free pics, free live feeds etc. Not raging on free site owners I do run free sites, but I am thinking surfers now just ain't willing to pay like a few years ago. We just seem to be offering a little to much for free.... my 2 cents :roll:

06-23-2002, 02:49 AM
Personally I don't think the abundance of free porn is as big an issue and some people make it out to be. Even before the internet not everyone paid for porn, I bet everyone remembers going to a friends house and looking through/watching a porn collection (many probably still do). Barrowing, trading, swapping, etc. When someone wanted free porn he could get it, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or the present. I think the real problem is most pay sites give crappy porn. I've seen the members areas of some pay sites and after about five minutes I was laughing my ass off at the shitty content, and non-existent streaming video they supposedly offered, it's no wonder people are reluctant to pay. If you went to a gourmet restaurant and were served McDonalds quality food at gourmet prices next time youíd just go to McDonalds. If Joe Regular joins a pay site and is given nothing better then what he can find at any TGP why would he stay a member or ever consider joining another?

In other words, itís not Future Shops job to fix a broken Sony DVD player, its Future Shops job to convince the customer they need a DVD player (and an extended warranty). If Sony canít build a player that wonít break then there is nothing Future Shop can do to sell it. A Free Site owner is the middle man, itís there job is to get the surfer horny and point him in the direction of XYZís Pay Site, nothing more, nothing less. Itís the Pay Sites job to sell the surfer on why to join, to retain him, to keep him happy, and to give him his bang for the buck. Everyone seems so ready to sling mud at the stores when things go wrong when itís the manufacturer to blame.

Am I right or am I speaking out of my ass? Iím not a pay site owner so I can only speak from the view of a TGP owner.

06-23-2002, 06:34 AM
Yea, some paysite member's areas are pathetic. I've seen the inside of JapaneseGirls.com and I felt sorry for the surfer. Albeit the fact that there were tons of pics, the quality sucked and the organization could have been a lot better. Some paysites like the bangbus have kickass inside. Almost daily updates and GB's of movies really help keep a member a member. :lol:

06-23-2002, 04:51 PM
I joined http://xcity.jp for a month...that was fun, but expensive, and one or two amateur sites. It is easy to get bored with anything...even too much of a good thing, like scans and urabon, so I would join a site with unique content...like I would love to join http://www.open-face.com/ but I don't speak Japanese. (Edited: oh, hey...now they have an English sign-up form!)

On the other hand, most of the sponser sites out there are pretty crappy, I think I joined one once on a trial and it was lame. So I think it is a question of having something good to sell.

06-23-2002, 07:37 PM
XCity is pretty good. I joined as well. It's not as good as I originally thought as the site is pretty much a front for selling movies. If you like hardcore though, you'll probably be pretty happy with an XCity membership. Besides, the site can convert like a mofo if they ever create a webmaster program.

06-23-2002, 07:38 PM
BTW, http://www.hgmo.com/ is another site to consider for high quality hardcore movies. I have heard that this site brings in 6-figure digits a month (in dollars).

06-24-2002, 07:18 AM

Yes, there are alot of free shit out there, however i think these free sites can definetley help out the Paysite owners (I am assuming that your a paysite owner judging by your perspective of this issue). These particular sites you are referring to:free site/tgps/free pics/free movie host and ect...... may seem like its ruining it for the paysite owners.

Surprisingly,I think we can benefit from them in the end even the surfers!!!!Reason for that is because i am talking generally to speak not the "scammy jumping" surfers . Sides from them i think that when surfers are looking for pictures/feeds/live action whatever it is they goto these free sites they are looking for *samples* just shopping for good content/ niche or whatever they are specifically targeting, for the main reason of finding a paysite of their interest. Lets face it, your advertisings are probably in there and will help promote your site, Most of the time you ain't gonna do nothing for these surfers in any free means of pics so don't worry about all that free stuff going around (basically i see it as those free sites,all being samples.There to help lead into more contents, better quality, specific niche's that are only available exculsively only offered through paysites) that will be more benefit to you than bad. Anyways this is my opinion not a fact just giving you my *2 cents* Free Shit is not that bad for now, maybe in a few years i will take that comment back for now its all good.

06-29-2002, 05:26 AM
my understanding is so many sponsor sites are operating on a pyramid scheme and/or churn and burn...a three page tour should be a tip off on this, as well as multiple pop-up pages

I guess there are different approaches...get the newbie quick or offer something of value an experienced surfer would care for. Maybe the easy money is off the newbie.

07-07-2002, 06:29 AM
re: too much free porn

not for me!! :roll: :roll:

07-07-2002, 11:31 PM
No I don't buy into the idea that there is too much free porn out there. I think it is the people that don't know how to make money that complain there is too much free porn. This is a very competitive biz, what worked great two years ago, only works ok today. I make more money now than I did two years ago with online porn.

This biz is all about selling a product. Conversions aren't what they used to be, but I think paysite owners are just as much to blame for giving the surfers shitty paysites to spend their money on. Who wants to pay $40 a month for crap?

Go to an adult bookstore and see how many different porno mags there are for sale, there are more now than there were 10 years ago. People still buy them and lots of them. So how can you say there is too much free porn when people are still spending loads of money on magazines, sites, dvds, movies, hookers, etc?

07-08-2002, 09:08 AM
To Much or Not To Much, that is the question. How much is to much? Is too much to much? What is the definition of to much. I think to much is never enuff. I can't wait until those crazy chinese get hooked up, our profits will be too much. I will have to hire another accountant and maybe even move to Aruba.

07-09-2002, 10:52 AM
I totally agree.....

who can really guage what is too much?

As long as decent webmasters continually update there sites with fresh content and really try to attempt to ask members what they really want to see.. You will see members that will stay with you in the long run.

Competition is high but dedicated webmasters will rise above the burning ashes of crappy paysites and the word will defintely spread that this or that site is a great site...

07-09-2002, 02:53 PM
As far as I'm concerned there is not such thing as too much free porn. People still buy books when they could go to the library. People still go to the movies when they could watch cable tv.

07-09-2002, 04:19 PM
People who believe there is too much free porn are viewing the biz in a mercantalist sort of way -- the pie is finite and the big players have the largest pieces of it. This view is wrong -- the pie is always growing because the base of surfers is always growing. No one has the largest piece of the pie.

08-17-2002, 07:53 PM
yes, change of mind to my previous post, I am actually thinking now that there is too much free porn definetley. Which is a huge impact on making $$$ there should be some kind of regulations implemented soon. Eventually no one is going to pay, Why pay when there is so much for free?

08-17-2002, 08:16 PM
I can't wait until those crazy chinese get hooked up, our profits will be too much. I will have to hire another accountant and maybe even move to Aruba.

I live in Hongkong myself and yeah, I have to agree. If we can tap into the Chinese market, we will be filthy rich.

Reason being:
Porn is illegal in China, so China men (not just Chinese) are hungry.
They are not so net savvy, yet, so they are virgins as online consumers.
There are hordes of Chinese... (as if you need to be reminded...)

But there are obstacles:
Porn is still illegal in China.
Not many of them have credit cards, so you need to milk them using other ways...

08-17-2002, 10:32 PM
Free versus Pay - The Trade-Off

I own a free site of 200 meg base (12 gig trans), with another 5-600 in freehost space. (Just logistics) Our present effort is geared to giving people a broad view of the treats of the Orient. (Sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew, but what the hell) Yes I provide some free content, but most is geared to teasing and providing information.

The reason I started, as funny as it may sound, was to try to learn how to build a site. I stll may have a bunch of tech problems, but I am learning. The total content of my original site was provided by pay site owners (Ladies) to promote their sites. It worked very well for responses and traffic, maybe not for revenue. I had Ladies sending me content, no searching neeeded. But then, I really did not comprehend the reason for a Free Site.

I moved to the Asian realm...One, becuase I adore Asian Ladies and Two, it is a better market in the western realm. Too many phony pay sites exist with a feature model "Boby-Jo", who is really Joan Smith who happened to pose for 3-400 pics for a photogragher who held the rights and created an online sexy personae to make a few bucks with a pay site. This hurts it for the Pay owners, damn be real!

Okay, Free sites and too much free porn. Yep there is, but think about this. Too many people have no idea what they are doing with a site. It is a gimmic, a neat thing to do. Their freinds are impressed, etc. They grab images, create galleries and see traffic. Then they join the mirade of banner programs and eventually decide, what the hell, the banners ain't paying, let me charge. They open a pay site and figure they have it made...wrong. You are better finding a good pay site and fronting for them.

First their content is mostly from free sites and they have no direction or regular updates to their sites. These are the people that make good quality pay areas look bad. Hell, I had one site steal most of my authorized material, modify their site name, change the Ladies names and hijack a few of my links. They have since expired! :lol: Sometimes their is justice.

I feel a free site needs to provide a good base of information for the casual surfer to enjoy and get interested. Give them some beef. Then by teaming with a quality Pay site or reliable banner referral program, play the tease, but fairly, and convince the surfer to join the sponsor site. The free site is the advertising agent, the front man. And I feel a value to Pay sites. You gotta give to get. But the get needs to be good too!

With my area, I really enjoy trying to find good information and some good images for my visitors. That I don't mind sharing for free with surfers, I just like to learn about things. With the Ladies, I use the philosopy of getting to try to know the Ladies I feature and present them as real, no "Boby-Jo's" here. Let the Lady be a real person, introduce them as someone they would not only like to have passionately, but someone the would really like to know as a friend. This makes a difference. I have been fooled a few times, but that is the internet...and learning.

In the area of AV and Urabon, give the visitor a decent sampling, then direct them to a quality Pay Area with all they want. I don't mean by banners, but by the Pay Site sponsoring the Free Site Advertiser. Hey, it is business. Someone has to help pay the Free Sites BW, design time and space and the Free Site owners tend want to post to TGPs and such more frequently.

Damn gettin long winded here. Sorry.

INTERMISSION - Visit our concession stand, HOTTEST LADIES with melted butter yet! http://smear-butter-on-your-butt.com/hot.htm
I hope nobody clicked that! :shock: If it did go somewhere, let me know!

Part II, sorry!

What is needed is for Pay Site owners to recognise the few, and I say few, Free Sites trying to give it a quality go. We can be a treasure chest of attraction for them. Hell, let us do the promo, and they get the memberships. Most of us would be more than happy to do what we enjoy and pocket a few bucks for the effort.

Lastly, on the Japanese sites. They tend to be clannish and not want to share. As you have seen, they fill their pages with exits, dialers and such (all of which westerners cannot understand, but just take a chance with). They are making the bucks, no doubt there. It is just their cultural way of setting up sites. Pack a ton of stuff into a 2 min loadtime of the main page. The problem I see, is they can't recognise that the western market is a gold mine! I get more damned email asking about surfing Japanese sites than I can handle! This was not meant as a slam or insult too the Japanese sites.

I have approached a few and gotten either no response or a cool one. I will say I have gotten listed on a few Japanese sites and get decent traffic, but no compensation. (NO I am not bitching). Most just seem happy listing my galleries (intact I will say) and that is that. I wish they would open up, what a motherload that would be for all of us!

Okay, I have spewed enough here, sorry! :oops: Just wanted to share. If I offended anyone, sorry. Feel free to criticise, I probably heard it before and honestly, I would appreciate it! Now this said, how about a few sponsors for us Free Sites, most of us will do the work and drive traffic. May be small, but I am taking over 300,000 page views a month. Anyone interested in working with me.

Thanx for allowing me to share

PS: Fogive my typos

08-18-2002, 05:27 AM
I don't think China will be a market any time soon.

On another note check out this Ynot story about Free sites

Tension Between Free Sites And Pay Sites

I have to say I agree with alot of it :)

ecchi mecha
08-19-2002, 05:49 AM
over 300,000 page views a month

get a handle on your uniques...that's what's important....!!

if you got a deep site and lots of page views...means nothing...you got to understand how many unique visitors visit your site a day :wink:

08-19-2002, 06:03 AM
only 300k a month in traffic? shit i get more than that in a day but the traffic is kinda crappy . all from TGPs.

08-19-2002, 06:16 AM
Did anyone actually read what ALOTI wrote up there, or am i the laziest person in this forum??

08-19-2002, 06:25 AM
i did!! want me to repeat what he said? :shock:

ecchi mecha
08-19-2002, 06:28 AM
lazy...lazy...lazy...very true webgurl!

OK...here goes:

ALOTI...200 meg base plus 5-600 freehost means "TOO MUCH PORN"!!!!

cool as a hobby, but you can't talk anything about paysites if you are putting out so much shit...........!!!

08-19-2002, 02:29 PM
heh heh ..i share in your laziness webgurl..i totally ignored the whole thing and just read the other posts....and the intermission since it was in bold... but now i don't even remember what it said........