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  1. LittleJapanese.com looking for more big trades!
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  18. Luv-Mee TGP Grand Opening!!
  19. Need trades 300+ for thumbsite (uniformpost.com)
  20. ok, you have traded with the rest, now trade with the best!
  21. AsianSultry.com | Submissions | Partners
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  57. Partner Request on Asian TGPS
  58. Looking For Partner Submitter On 123Thumbz.com
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  60. new tgp please submit
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  64. Need some traffic? I can give it to you for free
  65. link trade, gallery submit...
  66. Open To Submissions
  67. Looking for trades ... japan-whores.com
  68. [Help]TGP Submitter
  69. Hard Link trade
  70. Looking for large trade 1k+ for tokyoporn.com
  71. accepting trade, and gallery submit
  72. Uncle Wangs needs galleries
  73. Erotica is looking for loads of fresh galleries!
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  86. Asian-Bliss MGP open for submissions
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  90. TGP Looking for More Trades and Hardlinks
  91. MGP looking for traders
  92. Partner accounts on Asian/General TGP's
  93. Taking Clean Trades
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  97. Hardlink Fever
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  99. gallery request
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  101. Looking for permanent galleries
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  111. Partner Request on TokyoPorn,Mikos Asian Thumbs
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  131. Trades and Submissions
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  178. TGP trading resource
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  229. Bodyshots gallery
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