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  1. New gallery for tia ling tgp
  2. Trade Traffic Here - Good ASIAN-JAPANESE Sites.
  3. new tgp gallery for tialing.com
  4. 911Asians looking for trades 2k/day and hard link exchanges!
  5. asianpic.org trades
  6. where I can submit
  7. Asianslutz.net submit galleries
  8. Asian Blog Site Looking for trades..
  9. High quality blogsites-still open for submissions/linktrades
  10. New Toplist
  11. Looking for 300+ trades - HotXXXAsia.com
  12. Submit your freesites to my Link List
  13. Changes on YourErotic.com
  14. Got a asian Blog?
  15. Free partner accounts at PR3 multi-niche thumb TGP
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  17. ThumbGirl.org Traffic Trade
  18. Asianslutz.net bulk galleries
  19. Rubyasians.com needs gallery submissions / partners / trades
  20. Check out tia lings tgp gallery!
  21. Ladyboy Topsite now open
  22. Hardlinktrades
  23. Need more galleries for my sites
  24. Three general text TGP sites looking for trades
  25. New Asian TGP needs submissions
  26. ChinatownChicks.com Accepting Partner Accounts
  27. Blog trades
  28. Affiliates wanted for adult content website
  29. Affiliates wanted for new site hotkai.com
  30. Looking for good partners
  31. 18aa.com now accept hardlink trades!
  32. New Japanese Adult Site Looking for partner
  33. Wanted: Link Partners
  34. New site
  35. Looking for 200+ trades/day
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  37. YOBT.COM accepting galleries and new trades!!!
  38. New Asian Blog: Looking for Link Trades
  39. Looking for hardlink trades
  40. New (non-nude) Asian Teen site looking for affilates.
  41. New AsianApplePie.com Site Looking For Hard Link Trades!
  42. 911asians.com hard link trades!
  43. Wanted: Asian Model Interviews Non Nude Photos
  44. Asian Portal looking for trades.
  45. Two general text TGP sites looking for trades
  46. Asian MGP looking for 1K+ trades
  47. New MGP site! need trades
  48. Hard Link Trades Wanted
  49. Hot XXX Asia submission form opened
  50. New portal site: AllAsianModels.com
  51. pass requested for www.exploitedteensasia.com
  52. JP-Pussy.com [trade & submit]
  53. Looking For Traffic Trades
  54. OnlyAsianMovies.Net interested in more big traffic trades
  55. New Site Need Help
  56. Trades needed
  57. Text TGP/MPG site looking for hardlink trade
  58. Last 10 spots on AsianSexEden.Com (unlimited for blog's)
  59. If I like it I'll link it, no recip needed + VPN Accounts
  60. Send your hits to this page
  61. Looking for hardlink trades for MyAsianFetish.com...
  62. Cleanasiansex.com looking for hard link trades
  63. New site looking for traffic trades
  64. AsiansBanged.com needs more hard link and traffic trades
  65. HQ Mass Hits For Your GAY MOVIE Galleries for Free!
  66. hardlink trade needed..
  67. Tell me your TGP, or others, to submit to
  68. Asian soft core partners wanted
  69. Free Directory for Your Adult Galleries!
  71. Affiliate programs list...
  72. New MGP: critic and linktrades needed
  73. Need more trades!
  74. Need TRADERS !
  75. Japan Cuties looking for more trades
  76. Girls of Savvy is open again to new traffic trades.
  77. Trade Traffic or Increase Trade With TokyoPorn.com!
  78. AsianVisor looking for hardlinks trade.
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  80. Hi Travs,
  81. Wanted linkexchange with http://www.pornoring.be
  82. Hard Link Exchange (I don't want your traffic)
  83. AsianPic.org hardlink trades
  84. hardlink exchanges wanted
  85. Accepting New Asian Niche Trader & Submitter
  86. Calling New Traffic Traders and Gallery Submitters
  87. Submit your site to adult directory
  88. Need Japanese Pic Galleries
  89. I'm looking for shemale galleries
  90. PR3 Adult sites looking for text links
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  93. Sumbit your freesites, blogs, link lists and review sites!
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  95. I've Got Ethnic Galleries For TGPs
  96. Free adult sex webcams - Hard link trade
  97. Accepting trades, submissions, hardlinks
  98. question about verotel affiliate sites
  99. Looking for specific asian affiliate programs...
  100. Jade Marcela/Miko Lee/Kitty affiliate sites
  101. Brandnew Asian Toplist
  102. New Bigtit Blog looking for hardlink trades...
  103. New Asian Blog looking for hardlink trades
  104. Quality Asian Traffics, 18aa.com Wants Your Galleries
  105. AsianPic need more movie galleries
  106. PR3 asian directory needs more thumbnails, sites..
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  117. MyAsianFetish.com is now taking gallery submissions...
  118. new to fOoGiE! and just launched my first TGP
  119. sexyroom.com is now accepting gallery submission..
  120. Asiansexpornium.com looking for movie galleries submitter
  121. HotKai.com -- 50 percent payout, new hosted galleries
  122. Submit all your links & galleries to Adulse!
  123. New JoonMali.com FHGs and MPGs with descriptions
  124. Live Sex - Add site - link exchange - Trade link
  125. Asian Blog - Hard Links Needed
  126. Find toplists
  127. Submit site (only sites with page rank 4+) TeenSex
  128. Asiansexpornium.com now open for partner account request
  129. PR3, 5k site opens for hardlink trade. ANYONE WELCOME
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  132. Looking For Asian TGP/MGP Trades
  133. Live Sex Cam Traffic Trades ( ALL TRADES WANTED )
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  135. Asiansexpornium.com start accepting picture galleries
  136. Looking For Good Trades
  137. Help on Web Hosting Service
  138. New Asian Blog: Reviews and Trade Links
  139. 50K site giving out HARDLINK SPOTS
  140. PR3 Sites looking for hard link trades
  141. Japan-Asian.com - partner, trade and hardlink requests
  142. 911Asians.com need more quality trades
  143. New Asian TGP Needs Trades
  144. Japanese Blog (PR 3) - Trade
  145. Trade link - PR3+ Vigrx. Enlarge penis. Penis pills.
  146. Traffic Broker for Asian Niche
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  149. General Asian toplist open
  150. AdultProfiteer.com offers sponsored Ads cheap!
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  154. 911asians looking for more hard link trades!
  155. Noob Question about this Niche
  156. Adult Traffic Trades
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  168. Asian blogs looking for hardlinks
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  172. AsiaMGP.com looking for trades
  174. No recip needed, looking for quality Asian Sites at xxx404.
  175. Your site must be at least GOOGLE Page Rank 5 !
  176. Want to sell me a link?
  177. Looking for link trades for new Kina Kai site, blog
  178. PR3 tgp giving away free partner accounts
  179. PR3 AsianPic.org looking for hardlink trades
  180. Submit your JAV babe galleries to jheat.com
  181. Teen Hardcore TGP Needs Traffic/Hardlink Trades!
  182. Free NON RECIPROCAL Links Exchange System
  183. Bistro Asian needs 3 more hardlinks
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  186. Hardlink Exchange
  187. searching for hardlink trade. minimum of 10 sites
  188. HardLink Exchange
  189. SEIAI Trade/Hard link exchange
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  191. Asia MGP is now accepting submissions!
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  194. looking for asian feeds
  195. Asian TGP is looking for trades and gallery submissions
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  199. New TGP sexyrice looking for traffic trades
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  201. Two Asian Blogs looking for hardlink trades
  202. Hello ! Look IN ! New TGP open ! The Asian Hun - check this
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  204. Shakira fun site!
  205. Blog Trade and Top list
  206. Looking For Permanent Hard Link Partners.
  207. Lots Of Link Trades
  208. Joke - Trade hard links with the new jokes site
  209. Hardlink Exchange And Traffic Trade! Welcome
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  212. Current trade sites
  213. Submit your Galleries!!!
  214. New trading script
  215. Japanese site needs trade
  216. Looking for TPG's
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  218. New Adult Directory – Free Submit
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  220. Frontpage Hardlink Trades
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  226. Asian Sites for great Asian Links
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  228. 2 toplists and 7 blogs open for trades baby
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  233. Toplist for Asian sites
  234. Toplist for camsites
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  237. Any Asian Websites Here Want To Trade Hard Links?
  238. Hardlink Trades PR2 + Wanted
  239. Popup Trades Accepted
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  241. Hardlinks for kinafetish.com
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  246. Submit your free sites
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  248. 7 New TGPs looking for Hard Link Trades
  249. Hardlink Trade
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